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Take our scientific Taste Quiz with just 7 quick questions, and our algorithm will do the rest.

  • 1. How do you think coffee tastes best?

    With Cream AND Sugar
    With Cream OR Sugar
    I don't like coffee

  • 2. Which of these liquors tastes best?

    I don't like liquor

  • 3. Which ice cream flavors taste best?

    Chocolate, Coffee
    Strawberry, Raspberry
    Vanilla, Coconut
    I don't like these flavors

  • 4. Which sweetener tastes best?

    Honey, Agave
    Regular Sugar, Brown Sugar
    Sweet and Low, Equal, Splenda, Stevia
    I don't use sweeteners

  • 5. Which cheese tastes best?

    Blue, Stinky Cheeses
    Cream, Cottage, American
    Provolone, Swiss
    I don't like cheese

  • 6. Which olives taste best?

    Fresh Black
    Fresh Green
    Marinated / Stuffed
    I don't like olives

  • 7. Which chocolate tastes best?

    Dark Chocolate
    Plain Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate W/Fruit or Caramel
    White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate W/Fruit or Caramel
    I don't like chocolate

Scientifically Personalized & Sommelier Approved

Each wine we recommend has been tasted by our team of wine professionals to make sure it meets our quality standards. They also identify the unique flavor characteristics of each bottle. We then match each wine to your specific Taste Profile using our dynamic algorithm that gets smarter as you rate the wines you drink. Our algorithm finds wines you'll enjoy 96% of the time.

Scientifically Personalized & Sommelier Approved

Uniquely Adventurous - Explore Boutique Wines from Around the World

Relaxing with a glass of your new favorite wine at the end of a long day should be anything but boring. Explore our unique, large selection of quality wines curated from boutique winemakers around the world. Embark on your wine journey - one bottle at a time.

Uniquely Adventurous - Explore Boutique Wines from Around the World

Effortlessly delivered to your doorstep

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Effortlessly delivered to your doorstep

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