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Take our scientific Taste Quiz with just 7 quick questions, and our algorithm will do the rest.

  • 1. How do you think coffee tastes best?

    With Cream AND Sugar
    With Cream OR Sugar
    I don't like coffee

  • 2. Which of these liquors tastes best?

    I don't like liquor

  • 3. Which ice cream flavors taste best?

    Chocolate, Coffee
    Strawberry, Raspberry
    Vanilla, Coconut
    I don't like these flavors

  • 4. Which sweetener tastes best?

    Honey, Agave
    Regular Sugar, Brown Sugar
    Sweet and Low, Equal, Splenda, Stevia
    I don't use sweeteners

  • 5. Which cheese tastes best?

    Blue, Stinky Cheeses
    Cream, Cottage, American
    Provolone, Swiss
    I don't like cheese

  • 6. Which olives taste best?

    Fresh Black
    Fresh Green
    Marinated / Stuffed
    I don't like olives

  • 7. Which chocolate tastes best?

    Dark Chocolate
    Plain Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate W/Fruit or Caramel
    White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate W/Fruit or Caramel
    I don't like chocolate